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Hathi Hayati

Volunteering Group

Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group is a youth group concerned with raising the level of society and voluntary work.

It was established in 2010 in Jordan and it is licensed as a charity in Switzerland, Turkey, Jordan, Canada and Germany. It expanded its activities with refugees and the local community in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and the Northen of Syria .




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Humanitarian Cases
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Million dollars collected.

Due to our presence on the ground and leaving a clear impact thanks to your donations, we share with you what the local and international media said about us.

We believe in the value of volunteer initiatives and their role in changing the situation on the ground. We also believe in the energies of our youth and open the door for them to extend a helping hand to others.

In order to provide all our donors with all information about the balances of donations received and their details, we share with you all the balances of donations through the transparency file.


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