Hathi Hayati

Volunteering Group

Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group is a youth group concerned with raising the level of society and voluntary work.

It was established in 2010 in Jordan and it is licensed as a charity in Switzerland, Turkey, Jordan, Canada and Germany. It expanded its activities with refugees and the local community in Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and the Northen of Syria .

تشغيل الفيديو
Branch around the world
Implemented project
Associate volunteer

Developing a generation of volunteers that are capable of giving a helping hand for people in need, and contribute to build their country and community, working based on well-organized plans to initiate societal reform.

- Spreading the awareness and importance of volunteerism among youth.
- Increasing solidarity and building social connections by teaching the importance of helping people in need.
- Actively involving youth and empower them to work, volunteer, and support anyone in need.
- Discovering and improving youth talents and helping them benefit and use their talents in the right way.

Enhancing and spreading volunteerism culture and principles among youth, and encourage them to be active.


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