Al-Mu'tassim Campaign

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All words can't describe the situation of a child who has heard the sounds of bombs and shelling
He didn't know that this bombardment will make his life full of misery and fatigue
When warplanes bombed the city of Idlib , electrical cables were cut and Child Mu'tassim was subjected to an electrical shock and as a result his left leg was amputed below the knee and both his hands were amputed below the elbows.
Mu'tassim didn't suffer because of his wounds and his affliction as much as he suffered because of the bad condition of his father who is helpless. Hathi Hayati Voluntary Group intends to launch an urgent campaign for Child Mu'tassim in order to secure the cost of installing prostheses instead of the lost limbs.

Every donation to this campaign , no matter how small it is , is a hope for Child Mu'tassim and his family.

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Al-Mu'tassim Campaign Amount Donated


Al-Mu'tassim Campaign Amount Donated


Al-Mu'tassim Campaign Amount Donated


Al-Mu'tassim Campaign Amount Donated