We at Hathi Hayati association make it our top priority to give a helping hand to those in need, and based on this principle, our website can help you contribute to the benefit of the society by donation, the donation processes is done according to ethical and practical criteria under the following policy:

Currently, the donation amount cannot be refunded after the donation process is completed, but your donation can be transferred from one donation campaign to another within the campaigns available on the website.

- Donations are gathered through the association bank accounts and direct donations via the website, this could be done by following the information and steps provided in this link.
- All the information regarding campaigns are listed on the website, the information includes the campaign name and the target amount of donation money needed to be reached as well as other information.
- Any visitor to the website can browse and see the information of different donation campaign including the target amount of donation money needed and how much was gathered so far and how much the campaign still need to reach the target.
- We provide on our website a section for a clear and detailed open access file that shows all the details regarding donation.
- Any visitors can know the amount of donation gathered for a particular section by browsing that section.
- Hathi Hayati association cares for your privacy, this is why any information about the identity and contact information of the donors are kept confidential, and no information is being shared without permission.
- Our specialized team always make sure to provide detailed reports on donation campaigns to supervisors and authorities.
- The donation money is used based on the strategy and goals that were mentioned in the campaign information and was shared with the donors prior to donation.
- any transaction funds are cut out from the total donation money as a percentage at the end of the campaign.
- After donation, the donors will receive verification and information on the donation process by email.
- Any donor can keep track of his/her previous donations by creating an account on our website with the email he/she uses in giving donation.
- Bribery is prohibited in all its form and all our team members are strictly committed to ethics.
- Anyone can contact the group and its members by following the contact info provided at the bottom of the page.
For more details or inquires kindly contact us on the following email: info@hathi-hayati.com

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