center for training and professional development

Time remaining : 6 Months City : Turkey

center for training and professional development

What's been achieved : $ 1,000 target : $ 50,000 Donate now

Hathi hayati  centre for training and professional development.
The project was launched in September 2020, and it is a parallel project to the chastity workshop that was established in Jordan in 2013.
The project aims to train and qualify women and girls in different professions, and make them depend on themselves to create their own productive projects.
In addition, the centre is accredited to produce clothes for winter campaigns and distribute them to the beneficiaries, so that the production is local, and producing by hands of mothers and wives of the martyrs and the missing.

Workshops launched:
Wool Workshop
Sewing workshop
Embroidery workshop
Mosaic workshop
Recycling workshop

تصميم وتطوير فنون المسلم