They said about us

Part of the media that talked about the activities of Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group

Al Jazeera TV | Al-Hayat Village.. 60 families leave tents for housing units in northern Syria

Al-Hayat village.. 60 displaced families in Idlib got rid of the harshness of the tents and moved to prefabricated housing units in the north

DW | “Hathi Hayati”: a civil initiative in Idlib to feed the needy during Ramadan

Fifteen displaced Syrian women and wives of detainees cook daily to feed the needy in Idlib during Ramadan

BBC | Productive Kitchen

BBC report on the productive charitable kitchen in Idlib

Roya TV | Sixtieth campaign

A voluntary initiative based on the gathering of Syrian students in Jordan, after a series of voluntary initiatives aimed at covering…

Orient TV | Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group organizes volunteer activities for Syrian children in Ramadan - Jeeran

“Hathi Hayati” is a non-profit group that aims to organize volunteer activities for Syrian children in Ramadan and works…

Orient Radio | Fun Club

Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group holds a club for Syrian children in Jordan | morning tour

Orient TV | The first free cinema for children - and an interview with Dr. Mohamed Arhabi - visual

Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group holds the first free cinema for Syrian children in Turkey | morning tour

Al Arabi TV | Sixtieth campaign

Al Araby channel report on the #sixty_challenge to secure winter supplies for chaste families in Jordan

Roya TV | Mohamed Rahabi talks about the Good Market initiative

Mohamed Rahabi, Director of the Souk Al-Khair Initiative, spoke during the Donia Ya Donia program about the initiative, which is from Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group

Nasaem Radio | Individual donations to establish a model village in Barisha, Idlib, to accommodate the displaced

Individual donations to establish a model village in Barisha, Idlib, in order to accommodate the displaced and the displaced, and it needs to support an additional 140 apartments for…

Syria TV | Hathi Hayati kitchen

“Hathi Hayati” kitchen relieves the burdens on the displaced in the north

Orient TV | Ramadan Alkhir

Introducing the launch and foundation of Hathi Hayati

Jordan TV | Hathi Hayati initiative with Alexandra Albury

A meeting with Mrs. Amna Awadallah and Mr. Muhammad Rahabi to talk about Al-Khair market, which aims to distribute clothes to the Syrian brothers…

Al-Furat News Agency | Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group launches its charitable kitchen in Idlib city

By Syrian women from different governorates.. Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group launches its charitable kitchen in…

Syria TV | Comedy festival to support displaced children in Idlib

Volunteer teams in Idlib organized a comedy festival in an attempt to create a new atmosphere for displaced children and their mothers in…

Al-Furat News Agency | The first exhibition of mosaic paintings in the city of Idlib entitled Pictures from the Syrian Memory

The first mosaic exhibition in the city of #Idlib under the title “Photos from the Syrian Memory”, included pictures from…

Al Sharq Syria TV | Report on the mosaic exhibition held by Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group

Al-Sharq Syria TV report on the mosaic exhibition that was held by Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group in the city of Idlib…

Al-Ghad newspaper | “Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group” is preparing to launch the Ramadan days to serve the needy

As the holy month of Ramadan approached, many volunteer groups and initiatives began preparing for charitable works that…

Al-Dustour newspaper | Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group celebrates Independence Day with orphans

Hathi Hayati Volunteering Group chose to celebrate the 67th Independence Day of the Kingdom with a group of orphans...

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