By using our website ( Hathi Hayati volunteer associations) you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, please read the following terms and keep them in mind:
1- Terms of use agreement
The use of this website reflects your agreement on all terms and conditions included here. Please do not use the website if you are not willing to agree on all our standard terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions are included in the terms and conditions template and privacy policy section.
All users must be older than 18 years old.
2- Individual Copyrights
All Contents including logos, trademarks and brands, pictures, videos and written materials are exclusive for the website and should not be reposted or used without permission.
You are allowed to browse the website and share links to the website as well, to support our website and humanitarian campaigns, but using the contents of our website for commercial reasons or for the benefits of another website is considered a violation of copyrights policy and might place you under legal questioning and penalties.
3- Restrictions
While using this website it is prohibited to do the following
• Violating privacy policy or using the website for illegal purposes.
• Any act that might negatively affect the website or lead to interfering or corrupting the website or any of its content.
• Using the website for commercial purposes or advertising without permission.
• Hate speech and racism toward individuals or websites are banned under legal issuing.
• Removing or changing any logo or marks protected by copyrights from the website or the contents available at it.
• Doing any of the pervious action will place you under legal issuing.
4- Disclaimer
The information we provide on this website is consistent with Hathi Hayati volunteerism goals which include helping and supporting those in need and will be used for the purpose of running our website, and hence accessing and using our website is the user’s own responsibility.
This agreement may be changed from one period to another as the site deems appropriate for its objectives, so please review it and abide by it.
5- Your privacy
Kindly read our privacy policy section, any personal content you might add to our website is considered as your own as long as it does not interfere with the website contents copyright, goals and policies.
The website owner, on the other hand, has the right to remove any of your added content without warning.

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