Volunteer with us

Be a source to draw a smile on the faces of others


When we touch the good side in people's souls, we find that there is a lot of good that the eyes may not see at first sight.

We believe in this life in the importance of volunteer work and community service, so we have endeavored since our beginnings to spread the culture of volunteering by providing the opportunity for the initiator who believes in change and his effective role to serve the community and our people in Syria to be part of us, and many volunteer teams have emerged from us that we are proud of

As a jellyfish of safety for those around you

A father to an orphan... a crutch for an old man... a support for the needy... and a strong foundation for building the nation

You bloom wherever you are meant to be..

And give nonstop...


Volunteer Work: Any optional activity that includes spending a specified time without pay to perform certain tasks aimed at adding social value to another party.

Volunteer: A person willing to provide a specific effort and work with an entity free of charge and without coercion.

أنواع التطوع

Permanent Volunteer: The volunteer must be employed on an ongoing basis.

Temporary volunteering: It is volunteering either for a specific period of time or for intermittent periods of time according to the need for a specific and specific activity only or for a set of specific activities.

حقوق المتطوع

- Dealing with him with respect, trust and transparency .
- Informing him, in a professional and clear manner, of the institution's environment, its organizations, and the information necessary to carry out his duties.
- Helping him highlight his abilities and talents.
- Integrating him into work, and working to employ his energies and capabilities to benefit from them as much as possible.
- Providing guidance and training for the volunteer to be able to carry out the tasks entrusted to him efficiently and effectively .

واجبات المتطوع

- Actively perform his duties and tasks entrusted to him with honesty, integrity, accuracy, professionalism and impartiality to the fullest of his capabilities.
- Ensuring familiarity with the laws and regulations in force and their application without any violation, violation or negligence.
- Dedicating official working hours to carrying out his work duties, and not doing any activity that is not related to his professional duties
- Constantly striving to improve his performance, develop his professional capabilities, and keep abreast of the latest developments in his overall work.
- Submitting proposals that would improve work methods, raise the level of professional performance, and help provide a safe and healthy work environment.
- Refrain from any actions, practices or actions that violate morals and ethical behavior, and refrain from offending the religious beliefs of others inside or outside his circle or inciting against them.

شروط التطوع

- The volunteer must be of good conduct and behavior, and that no judgment has been passed against him and that he is not required to appear before any court.
- The volunteer must abide by the group's mission and goals set out in the bylaw and strive to implement them with kindness
- Belief in voluntary work and providing the added value to the group through it.
- Willingness to develop and develop his skills to serve the work.
- Commitment to perform the assigned tasks.
- Commitment to a code of professional conduct.

The group is offering volunteer opportunities in Jordan and inside Syria, according to the implemented programs according to need. You can follow us through the website and social media pages and fill out the attached questionnaire.

نرحب بكل من يشارك و يساعد و يبتسم 😊


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